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As members of the business community, we have the opportunity… and responsibility  to GIVE and ENRICH the lives of our employees, their families, and our communities.

There is one constant need… therefore, a true priority:  to strengthen the foundations of character growth and integrity in each of us, regardless of age or position. Though the foundation of a building may not be visible, this foundation of character can clearly be seen. It is a pillar of strength – of PURPOSE that inspires and energizes us to focus and give our BEST effort each day. Can you imagine the value of such growth in any organization?

“MY CHARACTER IN ACTION!” (MCA) builds this lifelong strength of character and  supports English literacy in an engaging, arts-based way. It is ACTIVE LEARNING which promotes social interaction and teamwork as it builds brain power, physical strength, and coordination. The Rondo Music Method makes learning fun and easy to remember – motivating ACTIONS that develop the good habits of life.

MCA Video Training begins with these personal qualities in action:
“I Am Responsible.”  “I Am Growing.”  “I Guard the Gates.”  “I Respect Myself and Others.”  “With Courage, I Persevere!”

Videos in four chapters show progressive character growth. Personal and Interpersonal Skills mature through character-building Cooperative Play to become highly valued character traits in the Workplace – keys to personal and professional success!

Here are some thoughts on ways “MY CHARACTER IN ACTION!” (MCA) may give valuable support to your Character Training and Community Outreach:

  1. Employees: Incorporate MCA into your New Employee Training, Professional Development, and Leadership Training. Develop MCA Leaders from within.
  2. Families: Offer MCA Video Training to families as part of your Employee Benefits Program.
  3. Community Outreach: Sponsor MCA Video Training in community programs –
    • Schools… for Learning Support and Mentoring, ESOL, SPED, after school programs, Boys and Girls Club, sports, and summer school
    • English Literacy Programs
    • Workforce Training and Mentoring; College and Career Training
    • Medical and Drug Rehabilitation Training
    • Senior Centers, Assisted Living to Nursing Home and Memory Care

Just think… the GOOD that you and I freely give … acts like a “boomerang of blessing”             that’s sent to others… yet returns to touch our hearts as well.


As you embrace OPPORTUNITIES to reach out and share,

the GOOD you give can make a lasting difference in someone’s life, … becoming an important part of their story.

Then, … BOOMERANG! … The blessing returns,

energizing your life with more JOY and great PURPOSE…

you grow and MOVE FORWARD as well,…

and… your story continues …

Watch our Introduction Videos on this Homepage to learn more …

Part 1:  “An Uplifting Perspective”  (3 min.)     The WHY: Energy of Purpose

Part 2:  “Learning for Life!”  (7 min.)      The HOW: Brain-Building, Arts-Based Methods

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  • 59 Video Segments
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    Training Video Collection (Fifty-nine Segments)

    Introduction: Parts 1 and 2

    Chapter 1: Personal – Through Me

    Chapter 2: Interpersonal – With Others

    Chapter 3: Independent and Cooperative Play

    Chapter 4: Independent and Collaborative Work

    59 Video Segments
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