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What is the Learning Curve for Children?

The best time for learning is now, and the earlier the better!  Research on early brain development reveals that children come into this world with most of the brain cells they will ever have, but the brain needs to grow by making connections. During the early years, their capacity for learning multiplies at an amazing rate of 700 neurons per second!! (Credit Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University)

By design, children are blessed with an over-abundance of potential connections. Growth of lasting connections can best be supported by responsive adults in a language-rich environment and early intervention where there are environmental deficits. Guerra, J. (2012, November 14) Five things to know about early childhood brain development [Web log post]. Retrieved from  http://stateofopportunity.michiganradio.org/post/five-things-know-about-early-childhood-brain-development/.

As parents and teachers, we have the opportunity to give our children a learning foundation that will last a lifetime. It is important to teach them what they need to know MOST in ways they learn BEST!  By laying an enduring foundation, we can believe and trust our children will be able to build lives of strength and purpose!


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