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Where Are They?

Teaching one child or a room full of children is both an opportunity and a challenge! Parents and teachers often ask me, “Where do I start?” My answer always is, “Start where they are! Help them have success there and watch them grow as they move forward!”

Learning is a step-by-step process. Every child can learn the very next step, no matter how small the child is or how small the step! The crucial thing is to build on SUCCESS, not failure or frustration. For example, as parents and teachers, we may find ourselves trying to teach our children sight words when they have not mastered letters or sounds. We may even say to ourselves or to their teachers, “They’re not getting it!” This is the trap of teaching where they “should be” and not where they are!  Stop and practice what they do know with success and then move on.

We’ll never fall into the “should be” trap if we know the learning process and help our children begin where they are, then focus on success each step of the way.

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