Elemeno-P! - Foundations In Wisdom


What is the problem with “L-M-N-O-P”? Children come to school singing their ABCs but not knowing the meaning behind “elemeno-P”. This can be a problem for children and teachers.

The reason children remember the “L-M-N-O-P” expression is because of its repetitive nature when sung in the ABC song. However, it doesn’t help them learn their letters.

Here are some suggestions for a fresh approach to learning the ABCs:

  • Introduce a regular rhythm which teaches all letters (check out Rondo Fun Time!).
  • Slow the song down, but still make it fun!
  • Practice singing and saying the alphabet many times, then substitute sounds when children are ready.

The first lesson in Rondo Fun Time!  Book 1 (a Foundations In Wisdom product), addresses this important issue. Remembering all the letters and their sounds helps build a strong foundation for reading!

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