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I Don’t Understand – So Why Should I Care?

Sometimes I ask myself, “How would I feel if I went to a school where all the instruction was in a language foreign to me?” I might curl up in a ball on the class rug and fall asleep like a little girl did in my class two years ago!

As educators, we are challenged with creating an environment where all students, no matter what their language, are on common ground. We want to create an atmosphere each day where children love to learn and are eagerly engaged in the learning process with their peers. This isn’t always easy with children of diverse backgrounds.

Here are a few suggestions to reduce language barriers in the classroom:

  • Create a positive climate of fun, teamwork and success from the beginning of school.
  • Provide concrete ways to express unknown or abstract words so all can participate.
  • Help students learn and remember through what they see and hear as well as how they move.

Rondo Fun Time! is designed to support children and teachers as they share such learning moments and grow together in a positive classroom community.

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