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Relationship Leads to Learning

One day my sister, who is a GREAT MOM, discovered her four-year-old in the master bedroom with a large pair of scissors “experimenting” on the mattress! She exclaimed to herself and to him, “It’s time to go to school!”

Actually he had been in school with Mom all his life. At four he had the love of his family, a love of learning and a creative mind. As an adult, he is still a creative guy, and now he has four creative kids of his own.

The most basic foundation children need is loving relationships to support and help them thrive. This has everything to do with their learning. Whether they are in homeschool with the parent as teacher or in another school setting, when they have a teacher who loves them and loves teaching, they LOVE to LEARN!

So, as parents and teachers, we can “Just relax!” (as my niece said at eighteen months of age). We do not have to be perfect. In fact, it’s good for them to hear us say, “I’m sorry!” The bottom line is the relationship of love and support we have with our children. It is the foundation that leads to their learning!

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