Little Lambs and Rondo Fun Time Book 3 - Foundations In Wisdom

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Wisdom for Little Lambs

It is never too early to share the Love of God and who Jesus really is with our children and grandchildren. But how do we do that with crawling babies to kindergarten children? In Wisdom for Little Lambs, we use early natural learning (name, body parts, colors, numbers and letters) as a structure for teaching about Jesus in His Word. Children eagerly engage in the rhythm, rhyme and repetition of our songs, books and puppets. They learn to introduce themselves with a mirror and to pray for others during prayer time. These age-appropriate, concrete activities reinforce abstract concepts of love, faith and true confidence — essentials in beginning to know the Love of God, who Jesus is in His nature and character, and who He can be to them.
Let’s teach them what they need to know MOST in ways they learn BEST!

Wisdom for Little Lambs
A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Wisdom for Little Lambs
Training Video Collection (Nine Segments)
The Vision, How to Launch,
Clean-Up through Introductions,
Teaching Time-Jesus Gives and Jesus Is,
Prayer Time to Active Participation,

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Rondo Fun Time! Book 3

Rondo Fun Time! Book 3-Faith and Family integrates powerful, natural ways to learn that God designed us with: rhythm, rhyme and repetition. These mesh together for children to retain better what they learn by practicing concrete activities which reinforce abstract concepts. Two Modules, “Best for Family” and “At the Name” help children learn cornerstone concepts about God’s character and our responses to Him. “Character Shows” and “Treasures!” teach basic character qualities of caring, showing respect, and being honest. “A Moving Moment” helps kids learn four types of movement as they release their energy and have FUN! RFT! Book 3 is ideal for children in kindergarten to 5th grade and beyond in family, homeschool or camp settings.

Rondo Fun Time! Book 3
Early Foundations for Lifelong
Faith and Family

Rondo Fun Time! Book 3
Training Video Collection (Five Segments)
Best for Family, At the Name,
Character Shows, Treasures!,
A Moving Moment