Rondo Fun Time Book 1 - Foundations In Wisdom

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Rondo Fun Time! Book 1

Give your Preschool to Early Kindergarten students the strong academic support they need in Reading and Math through Rondo Fun Time! Book 1. They will love to learn in rhythm and rhyme with repetition! Activities draw from a set of everyday forms of child’s play that includes reciting simple poems, clapping in time, singing, marching and sign language. So, each learning moment memorably engages what kids see, what they hear, and ways they feel movement!


Rondo Fun Time! Book 1

Early Foundations for Lifelong Learning

 Preschool, Pre-K and Early Kindergarten                                                                          


Rondo Fun Time! Book 1

Training Video Collection (Twelve Segments)

Letter Skills, Problem Solving with Counting,

Place Value to 20, Shapes-Plane and Solid,

Position Words and Opposites,

Character Shows, Treasures!,

A Moving Moment