Rondo Fun Time Book 2 - Foundations In Wisdom

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Rondo Fun Time! Book 2

Whether regular educators or support teachers (ESOL, SPED, STEAM, etc.), how can we best support Kindergarten to 5th Graders in learning key skills in Literacy and Math? Kids naturally love to learn with Rondo Fun Time! Book 2 activities. They catch on quickly when we engage them in rhythm and rhyme, with repetition, movement and sign language. These “learning moments” activate three modalities of learning that help them remember: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. This ability to remember fosters retaining and applying knowledge–a positive learning cycle of success!

Rondo Fun Time! Book 2
Early Foundations for Lifelong Learning
Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

Rondo Fun Time! Book 2
Training Video Collection (Seventeen Segments)
Word Skills, Fluent Reading,
Reading Comprehension, Writing,
Problem Solving (Add/Subtract, Multiply/Divide), Place Value to 100,
Money, Character Shows, Treasures!,
A Moving Moment