Rondo Fun Time! Arts-Based Teaching from Foundations In Wisdom

Rondo Fun Time!

Introducing Rondo Fun Time!

A Must-Have Program!

  • Builds an early FOUNDATION which prepares children for a lifetime of learning
  • Uses multisensory, ARTS-BASED METHODS to engage the whole child and develop brain power
  • Teaches the LANGUAGE of READING and MATH in a concrete way with simple signs, movement and body percussion
  • Creates a PATTERN OF SUCCESS through step-by-step learning
  • Identifies and fills in LEARNING GAPS which may be holding children back in reading and math

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During the past eleven years teaching kindergarten, Judy Bowers discovered powerful ways to teach step-by-step skills in reading and mathematics.  As a result, the Rondo Fun Time! teaching method was conceived.  This highly effective arts-integration strategy combines a music standard (rondo ostinato) with various academic standards. The outcome is upbeat, positive lessons that are unforgettable! Based on repetition, rhythm and rhyme, these concise poems, utilizing basic sign language, are organized into modules of skills essential for success at Pre-K through mid-elementary levels. This unique program is a must-have road map of learning support for children, parents and teachers!

With Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3, children stay engaged and entertained, all the while developing essential mathematics and reading concepts. Children love to learn with the unique teaching method found in this program! Even more, parents and teachers enjoy the instruction time too!

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Children love to learn with repetition, rhythm and rhyme! Foundations In Wisdom believes in teaching children what they need to know MOST in the ways they learn BEST!

How does Rondo Fun Time! affect performance? Pre- and post-evaluation research is underway.

Use Rondo Fun Time! in your parenting or teaching… and watch what a difference this integrated approach makes!