Rondo Fun Time! Book 2 - Foundations In Wisdom

Rondo Fun Time! Book 2

Rondo Fun Time! Book 2 builds on and extends the learning of Book 1. With the same structure, it includes skills from kindergarten through elementary levels.

After an Introduction and the Rondo Fun Time! Guide, Book 2 is comprised of ten modules. The Literacy section includes Word Skills and Word Strategies to Fluent Reading, plus Reading Comprehension and Write from My Heart. Mathematics modules include Problem Solving—Addition and Subtraction, Problem Solving—Multiplication and Division, Place Value to 100, and a bonus section, Money.  Character Development and Movement modules complete Book 2. Children progress through these modules one step at a time and review as needed to strengthen learning. Building one success on another helps create a positive learning cycle in which children LOVE to LEARN!


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